Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Compassionate Care Meeting Saturday, Action Day Tuesday

Hi Everyone,

We are having our Compassionate Care Meeting this Saturday Feb 28 from 1-4 pm at the Prince Hall Masonic Lodge located at 4th Ave. N and 17th St. in Downtown Birmingham (Second floor...use the elevator). This meeting is CRITICAL because on the following Tuesday March 3 we are all going down to the state house for Action Day in the legislature. I need y'all to find as many people as humanly possible to be at this meeting and to attend on Tuesday.

At Saturday's meeting we will set the agenda for Tuesday. We will divide off into groups, each group will have a leader and a schedule of meetings with six members of the judiciary committee and meetings with each person's elected representative. We will provide breakfast and lunch for the day in Montgomery and of course there will be munchies at Saturday's meeting. I also have the STOP ARRESTING PATIENTS shirts for the patients and maybe a few left over for others.

I need to know as soon as possible if you plan to be at the meeting on Saturday and the action day on tuesday and how many people you are bringing with you. I also need to know if anyone needs a ride on Tuesday. Laura, a family member of a cancer patient who recently passed will be coming from BHAM and has said some can ride with her as long as they don't smoke or wear perfume (bad allergies). Christie O'Brien may also have some room and the Libertarian crew might also have a few seats available in their caravan. We'll discuss all of the logistics at Saturday's meeting.

See you on Saturday. Pass this along to everyone you know. We want a HUGE turnout for Tuesday. Nothing puts the fear of God in a legislator than a large group of people taking the time to show up and discuss the issues they care about.

Loretta Nall
Executive Director
Alabamians for Compassionate Care

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