Monday, March 29, 2010

HB642 NOT in Committee March 31

Dear ACC Members,

I'm afraid I have some very discouraging news to share with all of you.

I mentioned at our meeting on Saturday that our bill HB642 was not listed on this week's judiciary calendar. I noted that one bill was listed twice and that our bill not being listed was possibly a mistake. Last night Rep. Todd told me that we didn't make the cut for this week's calendar. There is only one more committee meeting day left after Wednesday.

It is possible that the bill listed twice will be corrected and ours could be added. However, since I will not know for sure until Tuesday, I have canceled the hotel reservations I made for Tuesday so that I would not lose $600 or so I had spent to reserve rooms for everyone planning to make the trip on Tuesday.


If anything changes and we get placed on this week's calendar we will post that information on our website, Facebook, Yahoo, and send it out to the email list. Please check the website, Facebook, Yahoo, or your email frequently between now and Tuesday evening.

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