Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Many people have contacted me asking how they could get involved and help make a difference in our legalization effort. Loretta and I have put together an easy to follow guide that I hope EVERYONE will take advantage of using. They can't hear you if you remain silent!!!


1) Contact Executive Director Loretta Nall (me) at or by calling 256-625-9599, or Outreach Coordinator Christie O'Brien at or by calling 205-907-6131.

2) Visit us on Facebook at!/alacompcare?ref=mf

3) Join our discussion group at

4) Call/write/visit your member of the Alabama House or Representatives and ask for their support of the medical marijuana bill. If you are unsure of who your representative is in Montgomery please go to this link, scroll down and on the left side of the page you will see a place to enter your zip code. That will bring up the name, address and contact number for your member of the Alabama House of Representatives.

5) Talk to friends family and co-workers about this issue

6) Write letters to the editors of Alabama newspapers. The media in Alabama is very supportive of medical marijuana.

7) Help us recruit more medical professionals and clergy for the medical marijuana cause in Alabama.


Christie O'Brien
Outreach Coordinator

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jwall32 said...

I hate I missed this due to a surgery im on perment bed rest for a couple of mounths. I so hope yall can get this bill passed. Thanks for trying to make or state a better place to live.:)